Cheeseburger 101 (Workin burgers)

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a guide to making a properly fried cheeseburger. First off the Workin burger refers to a specific burger which is a 1lb patty with sauteed mushrooms 2 pieces of cheese and then fried in the grease for patty melt goodness, it is only recommended for Scandinavian giants, future heart attack victims, gastric bypass candidates, and Ole.  The most important thing to consider here is the beef, if you are looking for gourmet level then you are looking for grass fed beef, the difference is quite remarkable, if you are over 30, this will whisk you away back to when you were a child, and cows weren’t super mutant hormone bags.  Ideally you will have a restrained flat top grill, next best is a cast iron frying pan that has been seasoned properly, but you can still have great cheeseburgers out of a Teflon coated pan.  Some people say that you should only flip it once, this is wrong, its like saying i hope you like stuff burned or raw.  Thick cheeseburgers take some time too cook, so put it at medium to medium high and flip it semi frequently. The trick to getting a nice pan sear on the burger is adding salt when the burgers are beginning to get done and the grease in the pan is clear.  I season mine with salt, pepper, and a small amount of garlic salt.  If you want it on a bun, cover the insides with butter and lay them face down in the pan and let them crisp up.  To get a good fast cheese melt without burning the bottom of your burger add the cheese after the last flip and cover, the steam will melt it in seconds. To make it a patty melt take everything out of the pan and butter 2 pieces of bread place one face down in the pan add cheese mushrooms bacon meat patty more cheese and the other slice of bread, use your spatula to press it all down a bit, and flip it just like youre making a grilled cheese.