Hi, my name is Heidi – welcome to our site! This site is the creation of my boyfriend Dan and I. After months of prodding (in a good way), I decided to start blogging about cooking and sharing mine and Dan’s recipes and our family favorites. I wanted to do this for a number of reasons. First, people seem to like the food Dan and I make. Second, I would like this site to be a living cookbook for our families. I have lost important recipes or have them bookmarked online and always fear I will lose and never find them again! Third, baking is something I love to do. I love the precision of the measurements and making every cookie the exact same size. I especially love making people happy with my baking. Last but not least, cooking with Dan is my favorite time with him. When it’s done, we often enjoy a meal better than one that we could have had at a restaurant. It is so satisfying.

I try and take shortcuts where I can. Many of the recipes here can be pre-made and frozen or prepped one day and cooked the next. I also use ingredients that are in every grocery store. Nothing real fancy here. I have learned 2 things over the years. One, use butter instead of margarine or other substitute. It really makes a difference. And two, don’t be scared to cook and bake! Try it, you will be surprised how much you love it!

I would love for you to submit your favorite recipes. Dan and I will make them in our own kitchen and post them on our site if they are yummy for our tummy! Just click the recipe submission button on the menu bar on the top of the page and submit your recipe. I can’t wait to make and enjoy your favorite recipes!